Travelling packing list – What to take and what to forsake

Travelling packing list – What to take and what to forsake

The Essentials

(*These are better off saved online)

PASSPORT + (ten photocopies)

*Driving License

Airline Tickets (printed out copies)

*Train/bus tickets (if pre-booked)

*Hostel Bookings

*Health and travel insurance

Credit/Debit cards (I would recommend getting a Caxton or other prepaid currency card to save money on withdrawals and other transactions)

Cash – (bring some dollars, they are always useful)

Prescription medicines

Glasses + spare pair (+ *glasses prescription in case you lose them)


Clothes (girls)

Underwear X 7

Socks X 2

Bra X 3

Bikini X 3

Short shorts X 2

Trousers (linen trousers are light and scrunch up)


Gym Leggings/top

Long Dresses X 2

Short dresses X 3

Mid length Skirts X 2

Long skirt

Strappy tops X 7

T-Shirts X 4

Longsleeve top (for temples / mozzie protection)

Jumpers X 2 (Just take one if you can)

Jacket (If going somewhere cold)


Crop top shirt




Clothes (guys)

Underwear X 7

Socks X 3 (trainer socks are better)

Swimming Shorts X 2

Shorts X 3

Trousers (light linen trousers)



T-shirts X 10

Longsleeve top (temples / mozzie protection)


Shirts X 3 (light/perhaps short sleeved)

Jacket (If going somewhere cold)

Espadrilles / flip flops




Sanitary towels / tampons

Toothbrush (with toothbrush cover), toothpaste, floss

Shampoo / conditioner (2 in 1 takes up less room)


Hand sanitizer


Razors (legs / face)

Sun cream (SPF 30)

Aftersun / moisturiser (for that deep burn)


Sink plug

Make up

Make up remover

Baby powder

Wet wipes

Lip balm (with SPF)

Cotton buds

Nail clippers / nail file


Insect repellent (DEET 50%)

Bite cream / bite zapper

Comb / brush

Hair bands


Medical Kit

(easier to buy an all in one medical kit – we got ours from Nomad travel when we got our jabs done)



Safety pins

A needle/sewing kit

Antiseptic wipes

Antiseptic cream (Savlon)

Antidiarrheal (Imodium)

Antacid (for indigestion)

Ibuprofen / paracetamol

Antihistamines (hayfever can be a big problem abroad / bite relief)

Oral rehydration sachets (guaranteed you’ll need these at one point)


Gizmos and Gadgets

ipod / MP3 player

Camera/video camera (+ batteries, 8GB memory card, films, cables, tripod)

Mobile phone



Spare batteries (for shaver)

Phone chargers (for batteries, phones, etc)

External USB stick

Plug adapter (check which type you need beforehand)

Torch / head torch




Hat (cap / bandanna/beanie)

Towel (optional – most places have these)

Playing cards

Eye mask / Ear plugs

Travel pillow / squishtie pillow


Safety pin / sewing kit

Swiss army knife (always useful)

Duct tape (for minor to major repairs)

Bin liner (for wet clothes or as an emergency rain cover)

Pens and paper


Waterproof cover for bag


What to put in your carry-on bag 


  • Passport
  • Plane tickets/Check in printout
  • Driving Licence (if you’re hiring a car)
  • Visa details if required
  • Hotel address/map for other end


  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Headphones
  • Laptop, Ipad or Macbook
  • Converter plug

Travel Comfort, Entertainment, and Information

  • Travel pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs (I tend to put these in one little bag as I’m a bad sleeper)
  • Books
  • Cards
  • Guide books, maps, language books, etc.
  • Hand sanitiser or wet wipes
  • Glasses and sunglasses

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