The bare minimum for trekking – what you need

The bare minimum for trekking – what you need

Tickets for trekking alone can be expensive but not everything has to cost a bomb. Below is a list of the bare necessities for trekking.

– A good pair of boots! If you go to Nepal, you can buy these secondhand in a number of shops (I managed to get a pair of NorthFace for 1000rps)

– Trekking trousers with zip off bottoms, if possible 

– A couple of t-shirts 

– Hiking socks, extra socks and plasters – the blisters will come…

– A thick jumper… Even if you are trekking somewhere hot, it will get cold in the evenings 

– Hat and gloves 

– Entertainment that doesn’t need electricity eg: cards/book 

– If you want to avoid paying for a porter, make sure you have a bag that has netting at the back so you don’t get irritated from the sweating

– Nuts and dried fruit (for fuel)

Generally, check with your trekking company if you have one, but as a rule of thumb don’t pack too much. Every pound will feel like ten after a few hours.

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