Thai die – Eat noodle salads at your peril

Thai die – Eat noodle salads at your peril

I was a little cocky when I turned up to Thailand. After three months in India, my stomach had been tried and tested with a variety of spices, meats and questionable hygiene and I only got sick once.

I thought if my gut could survive it there, it could survive anywhere. No way could Thailand take me down too.

Oh, how wrong I was.

The plan was to take a week-long trip to the island of Koh Chang before we started our Vietnamese adventure. So we hopped on a bus at Bangkok’s main coach station and headed south to catch a ferry.

There was an hour wait before we could get on the boat so we decided to fill up the time in the only way we knew how: with food.

I went for a seafood and glass noodle salad, while Tim and a friend we were travelling with opted for versions of Thai fried meat with rice.


It didn’t take long for the salad to work its magic on me and by the time we got to our destination, I knew what was in store.

The illness lasted SEVEN days. Needless to say, I didn’t get to see much of Koh Chang aside from the sunsets, which were very nice.

Joking aside, eating salad is definitely something to be cautious about if you are travelling around Asia. Unless you really trust/know the venue you’re eating at then make sure what you order is completely cooked through.

This means stay away from anything that could have been washed in water such as veg or fruit.

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