Three things you should know about Yaks

Three things you should know about Yaks

Yaks aren’t the friendliest of creatures in the world.

To be told this when trekking through a field of them in Singalila National Park, India, was not the ideal time. Our guide had a freak out when he saw one, took off his red coat and turned it inside out.

Naturally, this kind of behaviour prompted me to ask a few questions.

The result was this: There are three things you should know about yaks (particularly when entering yak country)…

  1. They love the colour red, much like the Spanish bull. If they see it, they’ll come running, and not in a nice way.
  2. If they start chasing you, they won’t stop. To quote one Mr Liam Neeson “they have a very particular set of skills… they will look for you, they will find you and when they do…” You get the picture. Apparently even if you climb a tree they will wait indefatigably for you to come down.
  3. They’re huge [see pictures]. Really, very big.

So just a few things worth noting if you ever find yourself among a field of them in rural India.

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